Пазарна структура и съвършена конкуренция


След запознаване с материалите по темата обучаемите ще:

- познават моделите на пазарна структура

- са запознати с особеностите на търсенето и предлагането при съвършена конкуренция

- познават условията за максимизиране на печалбата при съвършена конкуренция в краткосрочен и дългосрочен период

- могат да дефинират понятията разпределителна ефективност, пределна социална полза и пределни социални разходи



Building Integrity Compendium in RomanianThe Compendium of Best Practices in Building Integrity and Reducing Corruption in Defence, featuring Dr. Tagarev as editor and lead author, and Leonid Polyakov, Valeri Ratchev, and Velizar Shalamanov among the contributors, has been printed in Romanian and will be available online shortly. For the original in English and versions in other languages please visit the Compendium page

Dr. Tagarev will visit Chisinau in the period of 20-22 February 2013 to take part in a series of launching events for the Romanian language version and discussions with representatives of governmental and civil society organizations. The events are organized jointly by the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, the European Institute for Political Studies and the Information and Documentation Centre on NATO.


Our partner Procon and "G.S.Rakovski" National Defence Academy in Sofia (known in English also as 'Defence and Staff College') signed an agreement that provides for inclusion of Rakovski's publications in our database on security, technologies, and the interaction among them. Procon will assign DOIs to such publications and will include them in CrossRef. Among these publications are:

  • Military Journal (Voenen Jurnal) - the top Bulgarian professional and theoretical journal on military, defence and security issues, published since 1888
  • Annual Proceedings of the Defence Academy
  • Proceedings of conferences of the National Defence Academy, its faculties, and the Defence Advanced Research Institute
  • Books, monographic studies, and textbooks.

We will start with covering the most recent issues of Military Journal, and with time will include back issues of all electronically available publications of the academy.


I&S volume 29 Volume 29 of "Information & Security: An International Journal" (I&S) is now available online. Under the theme of "Scenario-based Security Foresight", it presents key results of the EU FP7 research project FOCUS. Guest Editor for this volume is Prof. Alexander Siedschlag from the Centre for European Security Studies (CEUSS) at the Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna.

The volume includes twelve original articles, contributed by 20 researchers from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland, and a list of acronyms.

Bulgaria is represented in the FOCUS project by a team of experienced researchers from the Centre for Security and Defence Management. They contributed two papers to vol. 29, one co-authored by a Finnish colleague from the Cross-Border Research Association (CBRA) in Lausanne, Switzerland:

The IT4Sec Department of the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies invites PhD candidates willing to pursue a research track in cyber security. For more information, in Bulgarian, click here. For inquiries write to IT4Sec [at] IT4Sec [dot] org